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Christian Activity Central is sponsored by Acts Ministries Christian Evangelism. It has been created because we all have something uniquely important to contribute to the Body of Christ.

Throughout this website are links to other sites websites, blogs, groups or video sharing channels. The vast majority of these are Christian themed content in nature. Other websites approved for inclusion provide life skills or tools for wholeness where the website author has professed a living faith in Jesus Christ.

We are looking for more websites to link to. If your website fits this vision please use the Add My Link page to be considered.

Not all websites featured are for you. Their focus may not match the season of life you are presently facing or bring life to the Gifts of the Holy Spirit God has given you. Acknowledge their need for your brothers or sisters in Christ Jesus and make use of those websites which benefit you.

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Thank you for giving us this opportunity to serve you through the Lord Jesus Christ.